Sunday, 10 February 2019

Turbo VPN Private Browser on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

With Turbo VPN - Unlimited Free VPN you can skip restrictions regarding your access to web pages as well as being able to browse under a fake IP address. ... However, these browsing restrictions can be skipped thanks to an app that allows you to spoof your IP, as is the case of Turbo
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Just to be as clear as possible, let’s use YouTube as an example. Without a VPN, pointing your browser towards would show that you have a United States I.P. address. After connecting up to a VPN, you will longer appear to be connecting from the U.S., but from Japan.

Why would I want to use VPN?

As mentioned above, data simply isn’t secure over a public network. So, if you’re doing banking, sending private documents via email or just anything you don’t want other people to see, a VPN will keep all of that data secure, which is one reason why you would want to use one.
Secondly, maybe you want to access a region-restricted website, such as the BBC iPlayer. Say you’re in the United States and you can’t access the BBC iPlayer because of the region lock. By connecting to a Wi-Fi network, firing up a VPN like Hideman, you’ll be able to trick the website into thinking you’re connecting from the United Kingdom. At that point, you’ll be able to access the BBC iPlayer all you want.
Those two reasons aside, the video below gives you a few additional reasons as to why you should use a 


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